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Slot Overview: Sugar Rush

Pragmatic Play stands out as the software developer with a true grudge against the gamers. The studio’s Sweet Bonanza-style games are among the worst offenders when it comes to tooth decay, while they also produce plenty of fruity titles. Anyway, here’s another virtual slot machine with a sweets theme: Sugar Rush. Sugar Rush, like Sweet Bonanza, is a multiplier-based game, but it uses them in a different way.

Visually, the two games are very similar to one another; yet, this is to be expected when a developer chooses a candy-themed slot machine; regardless of who holds the paintbrush, the end result will seem very similar. It’s a place where everything appears sweet and can be eaten, as in a Willy Wonka movie. Have you ever seen the Simpsons episode when Bart and Lisa sell the nuclear power station to Hans and Fritz for $100 million, and Homer slips into a sugary haze when they claim to be from the kingdom of chocolate? It’s similar, except Sugar Rush is more pink.

Despite the sweets, this game has a significant degree of volatility, with a maximum RTP of only 96.5%. This sum is the same regardless of the device used to play the game, and it applies to both ordinary play (with stakes ranging from 20 pence to £/€100 per spin) and the purchase of the free spins bonus feature.

Using a cluster payout structure, the sweety action unfolds on a 7×7 grid. A winning cluster consists of five or more identical symbols connected in a row, either horizontally or vertically. When you win, the ball will start to roll. With the three gummy bears, a cluster of five symbols is worth 0.2-0.3x the wager, and with the four higher-value candies, it’s worth 0.4-1x the stake. Cluster wins of 15 or more identical symbols pay out at a rate of 20x to 30x the wager for the bears and 40x to 150x the wager for the other candies. No wild symbols emerge during gameplay, but players have the opportunity to increase their chances of winning by using multipliers they generate themselves.

Sugar Rush: Slot Machine Options

Let’s begin with the basics of Sugar Rush, the tumbles. When a winning cluster appears, the tumble mechanism knocks off the appropriate symbols, and new symbols fall into the empty spaces. When a new cluster forms as a result of the rolling motion, the process starts over again.

There Are Multiplier Hotspots

When a winning symbol is taken out of the grid, the square it occupied is highlighted. A multiplier is added to the highlighted area whenever a winning symbol is removed from it. The multiplier begins at x2, increasing by 1 with each successive symbol win, and may reach a maximum of x128. All wins that occur on top of a multiplier are subject to that multiplier, and if multiple multipliers are in play, their values are added together. Between each paid spin in the standard game, the board is cleansed of any multipliers.

No Risk Turns

In the standard game, you may win 10, 12, 15, 20, or 30 free spins by landing 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 scatter symbols during a tumbling sequence. The highlighted spots and their multipliers stay on the reels until the end of the bonus round, allowing you to keep boosting their values during the free spins. When 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 scatters appear, the feature can be prolonged by 10, 12, 15, 20, or 30 free spins, respectively.

Money for Spins

Players who can’t stand to wait for free spins can pay 100 times their wager to get them immediately. Three, four, five, six, or seven scatters will trigger seven ensuing free spins.

Judgment on the Sugar Rush Slots

A smoothie that tastes like Sugar Rush might be made by blending together Sweet Bonanza, Fruit Party, and Fruit Party 2. Sugar Rush takes several gameplay ideas from the Fruit Party series and mashes them together with its candy-themed aesthetic. Although similar, the highlighted multiplier frame functionality looks and feels like something Hacksaw Gaming would implement. Since the appearance of wild multipliers in the spaces left by winning clusters was at random in Fruit Party, the game’s characteristics were similarly unpredictable. Sugar Rush is more organized, with designated positions indicating potential outcomes.

Thus, some of the uncertainty has been removed, and while multipliers can increase in the basic game, they have an advantage in free spins since they remain visible until the feature ends. Like when you achieve a solid flow in the puzzle game 2048, the thrill of seeing a juicy number of multipliers double in value in Sugar Rush is comparable. The maximum payout in Sugar Rush is 5,000 times the wager, same as its related Fruit Party slots from Pragmatic Play. The catch, however, is that the maximum win frequency in Sugar Rush is 1 in 2.34 million, while in Fruit Party 2 it is 1 in 495,050 and in Fruit Party it is a much more modest 1 in 95,891. Perhaps that’s significant, perhaps it isn’t, but such data could be the determining factor for certain picky gamers.

If you happen to run into Sugar Rush on a day when it is dropping winning clusters atop large value multipliers, you should expect to be thoroughly entertained. However, this is no simple feat, and being pelted with jelly beans is no picnic either. Although there are games with higher maximum win rates, Sugar Rush should still be enjoyable for those with a taste for this genre.






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