Updated Baccarat Promotion at Evolution Live Casino

Evolution, widely regarded as the best live casino software, has introduced a novel and exciting bonus structure. The studio has implemented the Red Envelope mechanism on a subset of its Baccarat tables, including those at a Live casino Canada. The studio quietly implemented the feature, with virtually any notification to the players. But this is a feature that will create waves even without any promotion.

In a word, the Red Envelope works like this: an animated Red Envelope appears throughout the deal next to specific betting alternatives (up to a maximum of three). A payout multiplier, in the range of 11x to 88x, is concealed within each envelope. Players can increase their winnings by placing a Baccarat side bet and opening a Red Envelope. The bonus, of course, only applies if the wager succeeds.


However, the risk and profit is reasonably well balanced when considering the fact that numerous envelopes might be activated simultaneously, on multiple side bets.


More specifically, a random multiplier between 11x and 88x may be applied to a tie bet. Bonuses ranging from 15x to 88x can be added to your Banker or Player bets. Perhaps most importantly, bets that have a Red Envelope attached to them receive an RTP increase.


The return to player (RTP) for a standard game of Baccarat is 98.94%, while it’s 89.64% for side bets. Envelopes boost the RTP of side bets to 92.97% for those involving a tie, and to 93.44% for those involving the Player or the Banker. Regular Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat, Baccarat Squeeze, and Speed Baccarat are all eligible for the new Live casino bonus system.


Significant Change

Evolution is becoming the preferred provider of Live casino Canada Baccarat thanks to their innovative new Red Envelope technology. This is a unique service because no other companies provide anything like. The potential for an enormous 88x payoff makes it a no-brainer for savvy players to take a chance on this game.


Although this mechanism only applies to a subset of the company’s Live casino games, those games are likely to soon experience a meteoric rise in revenue. It will be fascinating to see how rivals react, but this is undoubtedly an exciting time for the iGaming industry. As usual, Evolution is out in front, demonstrating that they are still a pioneer in their field.






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